pocket memorykeeping | april

My April spread came together pretty quickly even though I had a lot of pictures. On average, I find I'm using two 3x4 protectors and one 2up 4x6 protector. Occasionally I add an insert. This month I used a business card page protector that I altered to accommodate four pictures on each side. I don't own an Instax, I just imitate the look.

As for using the SC Kit, I have to say, this month was far easier than last and I know that had a lot to do with the colors. I wasn't fond of the March journal cards...but loved April. Everything just worked so much better. Initially I was going to use the full cards and ignore the rounded corners as so many people suggest...but I couldn't do it. I just don't like rounded corners so I had to change things up a bit. I'm still only using a rather small percentage of the kit. Out of 24 cards I used 5 and a few of the die-cut labels. This seems like hardly enough to warrant the cost, but it's hard to say at this point if the other supplies won't find themselves useful in future projects.

who knows...the bottom line?

April is done:)


Kelly said...

love your strategy to eliminate the rounded corners which curl my toes as well. i just cancelled all of my subscriptions (pl and main) because i cannot justify the cost anymore for the little bits and bobs that i actually use. love your 'imitation' instax photos and your april in general.

Anonymous said...

Hi- what are the sizes of your faux instax photos and the other smaller ones? do you have a standard size you print? Thanks - love the look of your album!

bananafish said...

the full size of the faux instax is 2x3.5, but I crop the photo to 1.75x2.75. Other than that, I don't have a uniform size other than 3x4 and 4x6. When I make a 4x6 collage, I create a canvas and add four 3x2 photos and flatten the layers. I then add white lines through the center in Illustrator. I'm going to make some templates but haven't gotten around to it yet:)