from break up to make up

About a year ago I decided to cancel my scrapbook kit subscription. While I liked most of the product, I felt overwhelmed by all the stuff I still had yet to use, not to mention all the boxes that I had not even opened. I also felt like choosing my own stuff might be worth the effort if it meant that I would end up with only the things I wanted.

That worked for about two months...and then I took a break from buying stuff period. At least paper crafting stuff. I think I just needed a really good purge and some time to figure out what I really wanted. My style had evolved so much. I no longer made traditional layouts and had more than enough supplies to support both my card and stamping habits...but what about my pockets?

Granted, my memorykeeping style is very simple. I place pictures in pockets with a bit of story and that's it. Would going back to a kit make sense for me? Well...this past month I did it. It's an experiment really. This time I chose a kit more in line with what I do. The Studio Calico Project Life® kit. I've been curious about it for a while. It's smaller...just enough bits and pieces to do a monthly spread and then some. Truthfully, not everything was my style. That happens sometimes with a kit. But this time I had a system. I use the elements for three main things...my pockets, minibooks and layouts. I separate out what I know will work for each one and put a rubber band around them.  Everything I know I will absolutely not use I place in a flat rate postal box. When it's full it's gone...I'll either sell it on my blog for a small cost, give it away, or drop it off at my local Goodwill.

If you're thinking about subscribing to a papercrafting kit...specifically a memorykeeping kit here's some things I've learned...

Choose a kit that fits your hobby. If you don't make cards a card kit might not make much sense in the long run.

Give yourself 3-6 months to just look at what's released. Look at projects made with those releases. If you can see yourself using a large percentage of the materials it might be a good idea.

Make sure that the designs align with your personal aesthetic and challenge yourself to use items within a 30 day period.

This may not matter to you but if the company has a design team that makes projects you like it can make a big difference. Sometimes all I need to get going is just a bit of inspiration.

If you hoard more than you make, a kit may not be a good idea. If you have more than 1 or 2 boxes that sit untouched....don't be afraid to put the breaks on your subscription. You can always pick it up in the future.

If you find the product or community not to your liking. Just. Stop. Subscribing. Use the product list as a jumping off point and curate your own kit.

If you receive a kit you don't like, challenge yourself to use it in a different way...home decor, a minibook, recipe cards, make a notepad and stick it in your purse, love notes for your family or yourself, create a cute ephemera pack and send it to a friend who loves paper like you do. 

You can't worry about missing out. I know that we all want everything...but that can make you crazy. After that major Target/Missoni nightmare I will never go nuts trying to buy anything online again. On reveal days...I get off the computer and I go and DO something...make dinner, knit, walk my dog, watch a movie, read. Sure, I may not get everything...but I get my kit, and that's enough:)

**this month I totally missed out on that cute 4x4 gold album. I ended up scoring it week or so later and received it way before my other stuff. Missing out gave me time to think about whether I really wanted it and come up with an actual use for it. I always manage to track down the things I must have and when I don't...there's always next month:) 

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Kelly said...

i thoroughly agree with your last point. last month i found myself trying and trying to purchase an add-on, refreshing and refreshing and finally i came to my senses and realized just how ridiculous i was to frantically fight to part with my money. i do love sc kits (i actually just switched from project life to scrapbook because, though i love the pl kit i have too. many. wee. cards! i hope i don't regret it) but i am no longer willing to trade too many precious minutes in trying to purchase extras. i missed the gold mini album too and my fingers are crossed that i will stumble across one.