Get Messy || no.02

Oh hello, yes this is my second post in the same day. I had these posts ready to go but had yet to take decent pictures. I seriously can't wait for warmer weather and longer days.  That said,  I am posting pictures of the journal page I made for the second set of Get Messy Art Journal prompts. Still in keeping with the Season of Love theme. I did a two page spread devoted to my one and only...YOU know who you are.

I used the word "you" as both my art and my journaling. I wanted to capture the feeling of devotion and selflessness that are components of my own personal love. The word "you" is the ultimate expression of that as opposed to the words "I" or "me." Not being terribly adept at brush script, I decided to wing it without practice. I wanted to capture something that had fluidity and wasn't absolutely clear which is why I allowed the edges to bleed. I wanted the letters to appear as shapes with movement rather than a clear word. I kept the background clean creating minimal texture using paint. The words obviously are quite simple and get straight to the point. I love the idea of destiny and it was to that which I was referring.


Mrslaurenhooper said...

This isi beautiful! And so simple and perfect. Whenever I hear that quote, I see Jack and Kate at the end of Lost. AMAZING.

Kelly said...

love your brush script and the sentiment behind this page!