the top three things I wish I learned to do as a child...

I wish I had learned to sew...

1. I made this scrapbook page a while back (it's a total Marie Cox knock off), but I wanted to sew on it...I finally did what any digi savvy gal would do and added stitching my way. But, I love the tactile quality of stitching so...while digi's great, I still really want to learn.

2. Play the piano

3. Cartwheels

Thankfully there's still time to learn at least two of those:)

Ciao for now


Colleen said...

Sounds like you've got some fun stuff to learn! I love sewing, but it's about find the time - like everything else! Have fun!

toners said...

I too would love to be a better seamstress...another thing to add to the list!

Maureen said...

Good Luck learning how to sew. I am not to great at it but I try.

Anonymous said...

if you like the look of sewing on your pages (it is so easy) check out keisha campbell "klcards" at 2 peas. she has some great layouts.
take care,

pam- paper source/scp #21