Greetings and then some...

Hello all. Perhaps you've noticed by my inability to post daily, that this girl is either biz-zay or she isn't in a posting frame of mind. Both hold true. But, here I am with another tasty morsel aka daily rambling.

Just returned home from a delightful trip to Tucson where my sister lives. Let's just say...that place if friggin hot. Way hotter than Sherman Oaks on any day in summer. Incidentally, that's where I grew up. It's also in the "valley" which Keith thinks is the hottest spot ever.

Just because the posts have been kinda thin that doesn't mean I haven't been making discoveries.

#1. Britney went to sweetpeas and I missed that. Those gals are lucky. I mean the SOURCE is also a hotbed of celeb sightings, but we ain't never had miss Britney.

#2. I'm over Lakisha

#3. Why do shop pedicures last so much longer than the diy pedi? (that's not a discovery, but a question I pose to the universe)

#4. I seriously need to stop going here.

#5. and start going here.

#6. I know folks are still into birds...but I'm into trees. I'm loving any type of tree design like the super cute clutch pictured above that I found here.

Just so you folks know...I make a lot of my discoveries a little later than most. I love to follow the trends but not necessarily adopt them. I just know what I dig and when I find something special I pass it on.

Ciao for now:)

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