Making Stuff...

So...let's see, what's been going on. Not much. Still busy making kits I plan to put up on my spot over at etsy, still hunting the web for little known treasures. Super-excited to be taking Jamie Waters' workshop tonight at Oasis. For those of you who don't know her she is a really talented scrapbooker who has manged to fly just below the radar. I mean tons of folks know about her, she just seems a lot more accessible. This is one of HER pages...dontcha just love it...exactly my style...very simple, lots of white space with some fun little bits thrown in.

Can I just say...I am loving this month's issue of ReadyMade. This being their fashion issue I am loving it doubly since I am obsessed with fashion...this does not necessarily translate to my outfits...but in my heart I am very stylish. I love that the issue is all about re-use. Aren't we all trying to think a bit more green. I know I am. Especially as a paper artist it is important for me to find new uses for the enormous mountain of paper I seen to accumulate. One of my favourite mixed-media artist's Lisa Congdon is featured in the mag...she makes a pillow out of recycled material. Check it out if you're so inclined.

Tomorrow I will post some pics of the workshop with Jaime...if I manage to take any.


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KimberleyRose said...

Ooh, that page is absolutely amazing! Which is very strange for me, because I love the very "Busy" pages, atleast I THINK I do. I just started scrapbooking not too long ago.. so I'm just "finding my style".. so, hmm, this may be on the list.

Enjoy the workshop! :)