challenge#2... stars and stripes

The great bit about going solo on this whole challenge is that when I say it'll be done friday but don't get things quite together until wednesday (barely), I have nobody to answer to but moi. That said, my humble apologies to the two lovely ladies who emailed me and kindly remarked upon this brief delay. Here goes...challenge #2 stars and stripes (originally known as circles and stripes but changed in honor of the holiday).

I noticed that I use a lot of khaki cardstock. The next challenge should be "anything but khaki" but it will be something far more challenging. Multiple photos...it lacks a bit of originality as far as challenges go, but for this girl it's rare. I always use one photo. It's just easier. It's more visually arresting. The difficult part of my work is trying to convey a message in a limited amount of space and make it work visually. Scrapbooking allows me to remove that hat for a while.

today...this is inspiring me....what's inspiring you?

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