wanna stamp?

I'm teaching a stamping workshop at the Beverly Hills Paper Source. There's still a couple spots left if you're interested. It's from 6-9pm on Sunday, August 19th. It's a technique based workshop so we will cover all the basics along with a few bonus projects.

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This kinda deserves a post all its own but I love rubberstamps...it makes me feel like a little printmaker. I love the yummy ink pads all the fun designs and I especially love not having to always get on the computer just to churn out a quick card. But, my favorite part is that once I buy the stamp it's mine forever...50 cards later, still mine....10 years later, still mine. That 7 buck investment provides years of stamping pleasure. Tomorrow's post will be dedicated to the art of rubberstamping.

stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

okay is it bad that i want to take your stamping class just to see what cute things you have come up with now.
it's bad...
i love your post about reorganizing. so true. i do it all the time. i just cleaned out my stuff because i keep buying stuff from work that i already have.uhg!
hey what font did you use for the tropical invite (the wcript font) is it cezanne or dearest?
hope i see you soon!

bananafish said...

Cezanne baby...all the way. Hope to see you soon too!