once upon a time...

there was a girl who rarely organized her supplies. If you payed a visit to her studio most likely you would find a basket full of punches...tons of paper in no particular order, tins and jars of this and that and a fairly long desk littered with creative endeavors gone bad. She realized, to her dismay, that she was wasting a lot of benjamins buying things she already owned. She had two and sometimes three of most things and while that might make some folks happy it made her a little upset...because what she was spending on duplicate items could have been better spent elsewhere (like shoes and handbags). Then one day she decided enough was enough (literally)...and decided to go through everything. It was a long and tedious effort, but when she emerged, hours later, famished and disoriented...she held in her hands long lost treasures. Behold her bounty:

from left to right...bazzill chips, i have no recollection as to what these babies where purchased for but I'm certain I had a very good plan for them. Amy Butler chipboard letters...I think I got these at Michael's. I need not have a plan for Amy Butler...I will buy almost anything designed by her. Sadly, I haven't a clue how long I've had these...found them at the bottom of a basket. Oh labels, how I love thee! Bought these last year some time from Paper Source...so pretty I can't bear to use them...that's why they ended up getting lost. My beloved McGill punch...I longed for this punch and once I got it I immediately lost it until I broke down months later and bought a new one, only to discover the previously missing one (of course). So...someone will be getting this punch for Christmas. Lovely letterpressed notecards from Paper Source...again a 2006 purchase...These were found tucked safely on a shelf that rarely gets attention...I need to stop tucking things safely away...from myself. Some Heidi Swapp Journaling Spots...I can't believe I temporarily lost these...I think I got them from Sweetpeas...but can't be sure. They were hidden on a hook behind some adorably large letter stickers. (note to self...stop hiding things behind other things). Yummy Crate Paper paper. I remember buying these...but I have issues with using my paper...serious issues. That's why they get lost. More labels...are you sensing a pattern. These are by Cavellini and were purchased last December. I haven't used a single one since they abruptly went missing sometime around January when "somebody" decided to clean...but really just hid stuff. Lastly...those brads...beauties, I know...I must have removed them from their packaging, but I can't remember when or why since none of them have been used...I think it must have been because I needed to jam them into the incredibly small tin...where I just found them.

Don't judge me. I don't have tons of money, a sugar daddy, a trust fund or a really big studio...I just have a bad memory. What do you do to keep from "losing" things, I'd really love to know.


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