what this girl wants

I know I should be engaged in some form of productive enterprise, but I'd much rather add to the extensive list of wants and needs I've got going. Heavy on the wants...not so heavy on the needs...but that too is a matter of opinion. I hold firmly to the belief that there's very little difference between what I want and what I need, but, moving on...here's today's little collection of pretty things I fancy:

the first is a mini boombox made of cardboard that folds and fits your mp3player...I'd walk around my hood just like Radio Raheem minus the Public Enemy and underlying social commentary. The next are some lovely little magnets that I feel confident can be recreated with a little diamond glaze or epoxy. I'm very big on the "I can make it myself" bit. The following snap is of a crochet garland. What a splendid idea...you can tuck it away and pull it out for a spontaneous celebration...or just cause it's cute. The best part...for a small price you can download the pattern as well as other fun patterns. The next row begins with a beautiful birdy apron which would be useful if I ever made my way to the kitchen, but can be worn while doing other more favorable tasks. The following two pics are by the same folks and are so so cute. I have just recently run out of adjectives. I'm already fairly clean but I'd roll around in dirt if it meant getting that little box of soap...don't know if I fancy the soap half as much as the box...maybe they'd be willing to just send me an empty box. Both the soap and the plate that appears beside it are available in different designs...I just really liked these. I don't think I could ever eat off of that plate because that would obscure the prettiness...so I think I would display it....Yes, I would lovingly display it.


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