why, hello there august

The months are flying by and even though I'm well beyond the days of "summer vacation" I just can't seem to ever work that hard during June, July and August. I have been doing a lot of prep for upcoming Fall workshops, a custom invitation order for a fabulous winter wedding, and a few smaller design projects here and there. All of that has been keeping me busy...but not too busy to make a few discoveries.

The Garden bloomed today. Here were some of my faves:

Jackie Bonnette's organizing tutorial looked so yummy.

Love me some Jamie.

Big fan of Lisa's amazing photography.

All in all very inspiring. Totally made me want to scrap....speaking of scrap, I did finish my multi-pic challenge just haven't uploaded it.

For all my other friends...some non-scrapbooky eye candy:

This pear pin cushion looks good enough to eat.

this makes me wanna tie everything up with string.

forget ice cream...somebody get me some cram cream!

that's all folks
over and out

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