the doing...

I am a compulsive list maker. My "to do" list is a mile long and as I prepare to cross "Clean out the studio" off ...I am already thinking of what's next. Why do I do that? Why can't I just enjoy the doing. Why am I so fixated on the getting it done.

Coincidentally, I was on Ali's blog last night and she included one of my favorite quotes by Anna Quindlen. She confesses... "I wish I had treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less." Oh how I agree with this.

So...As the holiday season rapidly approaches...I have created a "TO DO" list of a different sort. I will send letters and cards. I will take more pictures. I will make things with paper and glue. I will wear my favorite sweaters. I will take walks with my husband. I will savor yummy food. I will laugh heartily with my friends, I will hug my parents a little closer. I will travel far to see beloved faces. These are things I shall do...and do....and do and hope to never be done.

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It's Not Easy Being Green said...

I also make "to do" lists. Your new approach to the lists sounds great!