this isn't my studio...

but it kinda looks like it. I don't mean the bright flowers on the wall or the bed in the room. I am referring to the mess...the absolute chaos.

I had the brilliant idea to do a little reorganizing this week. It wouldn't be much, just some purging and a little rearranging. I figured I would be a lot more efficient if my space was conducive to my work. The dilemma? My studio is as much for work as it as for play...mostly work as of late, therefore, it has to function as such. Right now it doesn't. I am a Libra...I crave balance and I like my surroundings to reflect that.

Why couldn't I just stick to the plan. Instead I have opened every jar, box, container, package I own and the contents now cover every inch of my floor and very long desk. There isn't one single itty bitty spot available for either work or play. My back hurts from crawling under the desk numerous times, I'm dusty beyond belief and I think I may have pulled something that kinda felt pulled to begin with.

the upside....my studio is in my home, upstairs, in an area not frequented by visitors. Also...aside from the moments of despair and frustration I am actually enjoying the process for I am discovering many many long lost treasures such as...those cute little metal ribbon things by Making Memories, some label holders, a ton of really cute brads and those MM washer words that were really popular like 3 years ago. I noticed that I tend to hide things away and horde like a crazy person. A lot of that stuff had never even been removed from its packaging.

So...I'm trying to turn over a new leaf, which I think is very appropriate as fall approaches, and try and get this place together. Wish me luck

BTW...A dear friend of mine was just admitted to the hospital where they will induce labor. I wish her and her family all the best and hope to meet Mr Jack Martin very soon.

nightie night.


Alyssa said...

Yeah, my scrap room pretty much looks like that too!

Laurel said...

I think you might be my long lost sister!

I seem to end up tearing apart everything when I clean, and end up with a bigger mess than I had in the first place!

The good news is that once it's done, it's wonderful. But in the meantime... oh my!

dynamomomof2 said...

my whole house looks like that too which is my goal for before fall.