brace yourselves...

this is gonna be a big one. Today is my birthday. It also happens to be the day that heralds the coming holiday season...at least for me. You see, as a child, my birthday was celebrated for a solid week by my family. Birthday week included dinner of your choice, homemade cake with caramel frosting, gifts, games and a general reprieve from all punishment. These days... birthdays are celebrated for a day...yet that day is full of fun and surprises. My hubby has done well making the most of me and has showered me with all my favorites. My haul consisted of...a Cuttlebug (which my little heart desired for quite some time), the 10th anniversary dvd collection of the BBC Pride & Prejudice, a stunning antique necklace and some vintagey alpha stamps (I collect alpha stamps). We had lunch with my mom downtown, across the street from the fabulous 7th+fig plaza at the Brasserie...where they have a wonderful little pasta bar. Dinner is a surprise so I'll save the details for tomorrow.

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In other news....here are pics of the new car. It's a Ford Edge. We bought it last Sunday, but didn't receive it until Thursday. It has this amazing panoramic moonroof. We have been thrilled with its performance thus far.

I also promised photos of the newly cleaned studio. It's still pretty clean. I'm happy to say that it is so much easier to find things and complete projects. I can't wait to just play with my stuff, so far it's been mostly work.

I have been having a great time participating in the Fall SS Swap over at 2peas. My secret sis is such a doll. She took time out to send me a special birthday gift which included some sweet birdie notepads. She also sent me a "happy fall" card with my favorite tea tucked inside. Nothing beats giving gifts...I too sent goodies to my secret sis...the big reveal will take place in a couple of weeks...can't wait!

The next few weeks will find me super busy...putting the finishing touches on a large invitation order. Once this project is done I'm off until the end of the year. I somehow need to find the time to work on my own holiday cards as well as prepare for a wedding in Miami and a mini shopping trip to NYC in December. Lots to look forward to.

Happy October!


Shirley Fyfe said...

OMG! Just love the photos of your studio!

Teresa Loop said...

I love your studio!!!!