cardmaking marathon part deux

...so I didn't stay up all night making cards like the word "marathon" might suggest. But...I did make some and I decided to continue making more today. I have to admit that I usually only make cards when I need to. When a birthday or special occasion looms. Even then my cards are created via my trusty mac.

Why then did I decide to just make some paper+glue cards...well, because I love the process. The process of peicing things together of choosing the perfect little bits and pieces. Here are a few others that have inspired my own cardmaking with their own delightful little pieces of art.

I love the sweet shabby chicness of her cards. They truly are beautiful and full of detail.

She is an amazing stamper. I love how happy her projects look and how she always shares her techniques.

I love this site mostly because I love their stamps....

and of course this spot is my favorite...because where else can you find so many different styles in one place.

will post pics later.

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