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I bought a bunch of these dollar stamps at Michael's the other day. I really loved them and thought they would be perfect for my niece's Halloween party...you know, for the favor baggies. Well, she nixed the party idea and is having a sleepover instead where they plan to watch horror movies, eat junk and go to sleep way too late...thus resulting in cranky and lethargic pre-teens the following day. Suffice it to say...nobody will be doing any stamping...so now I have a bunch of these stamps with no home.

So who wants stamps...I have 2 of the birdy's, congratulations, hang in there, for you, and thinking of you...I only have one of the rest. You want them??? just post a comment here or on the 2peas thread telling me which one you want...the first person to request the stamp gets it. See...easy as pie.

edited to add…
one "for you" is gone, so one left.
one "thinking of you" is now left as well

***So I am officially out of stamps. Now I have to prepare them for sending. Give me about a week gals, once I receive your mailing info. You can either email france@bananafishstudio.com or peamail me.

the hearts and hang in there: gingerblue (Chel)

for you and thinking of you: geewhiz

thinking of you and congrats: willsmom9000

bird: leslie, jennifer and lindyr

hang in there and for you: christel

you are on my mind and congrats: marinewifeforlife

jennifer, you also got the candles:)


Christel Taterdogmama2000@yahoo.com said...

if you want to get rid of all of them I will take them. They are all cute and I have not seen them at my Micheals yet

bananafish said...

hey christel! let me know which one you want:)

Leslie said...

Can i have the bird? TFS :)

chel said...

I love the hearts and the "hang in there"

i'm at lists at gingerblue dot com

bananafish said...

ok leslie...you've got the bird...email your mailing info:)

Jennifer said...

I'd love the bird! ADORABLE!

email me!


Thank you!!

bananafish said...

christel...i didn't know which ones you wanted so, i put the "hang in there" and "for you" aside. email me your mailing info:)

Jennifer said...

Thank you!!!!