the first day of the rest of my life...aka, hello 2008

i don't do resolutions...publicly that is. I tend to keep my resolve wrapped up in this little heart of mine. I've read on quite a few blogs what folks intend to do, hope to do, hope not to do...and that of course has got this relatively introspective girl athinkin' What do I hope or hope not to do

• i hope to procrastinate less unless it involves the scrubbing of toilets or doing of laundry in which case i hope to procrastinate more.

• i hope to be kinder to nice people and less kind to mean ones...okay, hmm, should that refer to people who are mean in general or mean to me...scratch that last part...i just hope to be kinder as an action not reaction.

• i hope to cook more, and eat less. That should work because if I do in fact cook more...I am certain I will most definitely eat less...if at all.

• i hope to exercise my body...all of it...not just my mouth.

• i hope to read more, and not just the between the lines kind of reading.

• i hope to finally do the whole name change thing and that does not refer to my earlier desire to add queen as the prefix (as in Latifah).

• i hope to use less and give more...that's for you Al and Mama Earth.

• i hope to spread peace and compassion throughout the world and clean out my closets more often.

Lofty, I know.

I know the whole HOPE part is a bit counterproductive...I'm sure I can DO many of these things If I properly set myself up to do them...I just like the idea of hope...I'm not sure, but hoping makes me feel stronger and a great deal less culpable.

Some other 2008 stuff...the mosaic in the previous post below is a compilation of some of my Flikr faves. For all you scrapbookers...undercover and otherwise...you should try this with me and see how far we get. As for the 365 project...i will set something up along the side.

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