i can take a hint

You best believe if a blog reader says she wants more paper...by God that is what she will get.

I got an email this morning from Linda...no link since Linda refuses to blog. But, she is an avid reader and I am honored to be on her must visit list. Linda also happens to be one of the lovely ladies that took my very first "simple cards" workshop when I taught it at the Pasadena PS. She has been an internet buddy ever since always emailing me with crafty questions and paper info. So when she made a gentle suggestion I was all ears...here's what she had to say,

Dear France, Been loving the blog lately. Lots to look at. I think the wedding tips idea is really good. One of my friends is getting married in October and I just sent her the link. When will PS have their paper wedding event? Will you be there? Anyway what I really wanted to ask is, if you have the time, maybe you could do a weekly or bi-monthly PAPER craft project. Nothing specific...just paper based not event based. I mean weddings are great but I've been married for 12 years and don't really need those tips. I just know what you do with paper and I have always loved your clean simple style, so for me, I would just love to see more of your work. Easy stuff like how you make certain cards or whatever. I LOVE your work so it would be cool to see anything. -Linda

I though this was a great idea. Something simple like mini tutorials, pics of my favorite paper tools or supplies, fun sites and blogs devoted to paper crafts. I can do that. I am always seeking ways to spread the paper love and I think this may just be it. Saturdays are good for a post of this sort. So check back this Saturday.

oh...and thanks Linda...good lookin out.

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