the cinema and basketball

In an effort to get away from the computer for a while I took a walk to the Landmark the other day and saw the adorable movie Penelope...

#1 because James McAvoy was in it

#2 because I love fairy tales

#3 because James McAvoy was in it

#4 I fancy long scarves and mary janes

It was a really good movie and I just loved everything about her wardrobe especially her olive green high heeled mary janes.

In other news...went to the Clippers game last night and sat in the fifth row. Best seats I've ever had. (thanks Mom). The game was amazing, I'm a huge basketball fan and it was pretty neat seeing it up close and personal like that. After trailing by as much as 11 points the Clippers ended up winning in double overtime. Okay, now here's the cream. Hours after the game as I drifted off to the sound of the late night Sportscenter recap...Keith says...(oh my God! we're on TV) and we were...shouting, clapping and looking like we were having a great time. So that was my night...hope you did something fun.

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