wedding wednesday...take1

So here goes...what I hope will become a helpful little nugget in your quest to plan the perfect day, or more importantly a day that's perfectly you. According to one of my favorite wedding websites, March is Wedding DIY month. So, for all you couples on a budget, here's your chance to get your hands dirty. Now I will admit...I have had many brides with the best of intentions approach me armed with a stack of dogeared MS Wedding's and declared..."I want to make that" so I am familiar with the desire to be a hands-on bride. I am also personally familiar with that horrible tear provoking frustration over a project gone bad. No...I'm not fear mongering folks...I'm just saying that there's a bit of difference between the wanting to do and the doing. Here's a few things to consider...

#1. You don't have to do it all. Pick an area you love and have some familiarity with. If you have a knack for arranging flowers then take control of your centerpieces.

#2. Enlist help. You're not just doing this for yourself. Get your friends and family on board, trust me, they are more useful than they look;)

#3. Invitations don't have to cost the same amount as a small island...if you are willing to participate in the process you can have something lovely and affordable.

#4. You can do anything. There's so much information out there so keep your wits about you and start planning early. You really are capable of much more than you might think.

Now keep in mind that my expertise lies in the realm of paper so I won't be offering tips on how to do your makeup, accomplishing the perfect french twist or dying your satin shoes to match your bridesmaid dresses, but I will be providing scads of papery advice, how-to's and downloads to help you prepare before you walk into your neighborhood stationery store or press the "buy" button online. I will also provide a project checklist for everything we cover so you can compare the cost of doing yourself to having it done. It is a bit of a myth that doing things yourself can be less expensive. It certainly can be dollar for dollar, but some companies can charge you less for things simply because they produce them in bulk and can get supplies wholesale, whereas the average person out there isn't privy to those kinds of deep discounts. I know...this is a big deal, there's a ton of information out there, where to begin...don't fret. I'm
here to help you with your homework, so take a deep breath and buckle-up.


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