sunday snaps...

So my new thing is taking walks. Walks to Starbucks, to Staples, to 7-11... just about anywhere that seems walkable. That means my 5 minute drive to the fabric store easily becomes an hour long journey filled with massive sheepdogs and all types of flora and fauna.. It's okay though since it gives me the chance to see, up close, the millions of things I miss while driving. Like how many people have brightly colored front doors. I counted at least three red ones, two aqua, one yellow and one purple. It seems appropriate that during these aforementioned walks I tote my trusty camera. The photos above highlight some of the things I spied while on today's walk to Westwood Village...except for the mini muffins...I made those yesterday...but they looked too pretty not to post.

On my way back home...Keith and I ducked into Borders for a spell and I bought two new books: Knitting for Dummies (for obvious reasons) and Bend the Rules Sewing since I'm a bend-the-rules kinda gal. and with that...enjoy your Sunday...what's left of it, and all of you soon to be married ladies...check back on Wednesday for our first DIY post of the season.

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Sara said...

oh, I miss our little hood, wish I could walk with you to F&S and to Westwood Village. No one walks anywhere here, even less than LA. Let me know if that sewing book is any good, I might go check it out at Barnes and Noble.

happy sewing!