so, what's the deal...

Well, since you've asked, I am recovering nicely from my cold and am left with nothing but a pesky cough to remind me of last week's ickyness. Despite reports to the contrary or neglected blog postings I have been a busy bee. How about a quick recap of recent events:

some delicious
yarn from
this lady
happily have
no clue
what to do
with it
just yet but
the picture
does not
even do it

Using this slightly altered pattern I made some unnoticeably imperfect fabric coasters using bits and pieces of cloth I purchased for 25 cents at F&S.

Went to the Farmer's Market
and enjoyed a little solitary
lunch. I then walked around
for a spell
and reveled in the
smell of a million
unidentifiable things.

Attended a fabulous little launch party at the Viceroy in honor of my lovely client, Jaimi. She owns Fiore Bridal Nails...a great company specializing in manicure and pedicure services that come to you. Her high-end clientele enjoy the luxury of having their nails done in the comfort of their own homes. She also does "day of" wedding services where she and her team will meet you and pamper the hands and feet of your entire wedding party. It's a truly unique idea...oh and she's super nice to boot.

Finally I spent Sunday afternoon at Costco with my mom and sister...that might seem kinda crappy, but truthfully there's no two people I'd rather be with than those two and if that means I have to go to Costco...so be it. But, even pretty can be found at Costco...shortly after an unexpected rain shower I captured this fine silhouette in the parking lot.

Will be back later to post Wedding Wednesday stuff.

till then, I'm off.

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Brandy C. Williams Paperie Blog said...

those fabric coasters are so cute..Awww i wanna make me some.