wedding wednesday...take2

Once upon a time a faithful blogger promised her treasured readers a weekly post devoted to helpful wedding ideas. Though she had the best of intentions, time escaped her and she soon discovered herself lying on the couch hacking like a 70 year old smoker. Well...that being said, I am now posting what I promised:

Since this was supposed to be all about Save the Date cards I decided to write a bit on the subject.
First, to do or not to do...
I, for one, am all about less work. Especially from a DIY perspective, you're the bride and the business of getting it all together can be taxing so there is no need to take on the additional time and expense of Save The Date's if your guests are all local and it's being held at a fairly common locale, ie., a hotel or banquet hall.

Now if the majority of your guests are coming from out of town and will be expected to handle things like hotel accommodations and airline tickets, then it's best to give them a head's up. It can be difficult and costly for people to secure days off from work and spend the money necessary for something that's not quite a vacation. Therefore, letting your guests know well in advance gives them the opportunity to save a bit of money, book travel well in advance, and perhaps contact friends in the area so what may initially seem an obligation can quickly become a nice little getaway.

The function of the Save the Date is self-explanatory. Some have asked me...isn't the invitation itself a "save the date" of sorts? And my reply is yes. But a save the date can still serve a purpose. It can provide your guests with a REASON to attend. It serves as an introduction to the festivities. It allows you to share useful information about your wedding's destination and most importantly the practical aspects such as travel and accommodations information. I say, if you have the time and resources....go for it, if not a website through Wedding Channel can prove to be just as useful.

So, for all of you DIY brides out there intent on sending out Save the Date's here are a few that can easily be recreated and printed at home.

next wednesday will be all about placecards so if your wedding is right around the corner and you intend to do them yourself, check back for some of my favorite ideas.

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