Feeling a little Kimbo Slice-ish...

I just can't get myself together today. I'm feeling like somebody may just get one to the neck. And by one I mean a punch, and by neck I mean throat. I know, terribly violent...yes. Perpetrator of said acts of violence...not yet. Everything is getting on my bloody nerves. Keith snapping about my driving on the way to work, loud cell phone talkers (I now know more than I ever wanted to about psoriasis), people who still write checks, people who ask the same question 50 different ways. I also don't really feel like working. I just want to veg or go and get a massage or hop on a plane and go to Argentina already...did you hear that? That's right...I"M GOING TO ARGENTINA. I can't wait. My 35th birthday is still 4 months away, but the fact that I'm going to Argentina (there, I said it again) makes me thrilled beyond belief. I know I may seem quite worldly, but I'm not folks. Not even a little bit. I just got my passport about a month ago. So what better birthday gift than a little piece of the world. I'll share more deets as the day draws closer.

Wow...I actually made myself feel better. Thanks blogosphere...now I don't have to go drop kick anyone.

Oh...and just in case your not up on street fighting or MMA you probably have no clue who Kimbo is.

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