beauty on a budget

It's been so hard for me to reign in my spending. I like new stuff, I can't help it. How's that for a catch phrase. But, I'm trying to help it...really I am. I have always been a bargain shopper , but now every time I save a bit I feel pretty good and I thought maybe if I shared some of my recent bargains you'd feel good too. So, in an effort to spread good feelings and fiscal responsibility, here are some of my favorite budget beauties:

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I LOVE those sandals. I especially love that they are not perfectly flat which is a good thing for a shorty like me. The bright red tote is great for carrying around all my stuff and adds a punch of color to an all black ensemble. The black dress is a must have and I intend to get the white one too since they're on sale. BTW...the dress is for the pleasantly plus size. If you don't fall under that category..this one is so fun and flirty. I adore fragrance and I wear it everyday...but geez, the stuff I like can be pricey, so I just invest in a really great smelling lotion...that way I get a moisturizer and a nice scent. I am very into clutches right now and since I always carry around a great big tote, I keep a smaller purse inside just in case I have to go from day to night in a hurry. This one from Alice+Olivia is great. Sunglasses are an absolute must for me and these by Abaete are nice and big. I try to keep my jewelry to a minimum so this delicate necklace is so fitting and will look perfect with my dress. Last but not least I am a lipstick girl and after trying everything from WetnWild to Chanel...this Trushine #415 is the best ever. I am literally stockpiling this stuff because I'm afraid they'll discontinue it.

So there you have it folks. All that stuff comes up to less than $150.00 and there are so many ways to use each item. Hope it inspires you to do a little summer bargain hunting.

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Anonymous said...

These are all so cute. I love those sandals! And that bag, yum! I can't believe it is only $10. What a steal. Thanks for sharing some great stuff within my measley budget! MWAH!