summer fun

Since my family's been here I've been spending a great deal of the week mixing a bit of work with a lot of play...a semi vacay if you will. It's been nice but where did Father's Day come from? Sorry Pop, but I'm always a little behind on your day. Therefore, this lovely Saturday will be spent making him a mini book of goodness. My parents dig handmade which is good for me and my pocketbook...speaking of pocketbooks why are these so expensive and where can I get a suitable knockoff. I love them but absolutely refuse to pay that price...at least I refuse to pay it today.

Took my aunts and my cousin on a grand tour of the westside on Thursday. We started at the Santa Monica Pier made our way east to Rodeo Drive, had lunch at The Farmer's Market and walked around the Grove a bit, witnessed some celeb happenings at Hollywood & Highland and then took the Sunset Strip back down toward Westwood Village and home. It was a great day and gave me a new appreciation for all that touristy stuff. As a native Angeleno this city is about so much more than celebrity sightings to me...I love being so close to both the mountains and the ocean. Speaking of the mountains, my Pop took my aunts to Wrightwood today.

Anyhoo..big plans for Father's Day. My bro and I are taking Pop's golfing where I will spend the afternoon Tiger Woodsn' it. Hope ya'll have a great one...see the Louisiana folk are rubbin off on me.

Oh...and if you're into virtual balloon racing and maybe winning a trip to Ibiza...check this out.

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