tuesday update

The studio is being a bit neglected this week since I have family here from Louisiana. Specifically, Clifton, La. Clifton is a small southern town tucked amidst the trees right smack in the center of the state and about an hour south of the Cane River and Natchitoches. I love it there. I often wonder what is was like to grow up along the Bayou. We can trace our family back over a hundred years. It also has some of the best food ever...if you have never sampled Cajun cuisine I highly recommend it...especially if you like something with a little kick. I am especially fond of the packaging.

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Sasparilla Sue said...

Oh my gosh! Slap Ya Mama is the best stuff!!! My sister discovered it a few years ago on a road trip across the south (and only brought back one can - one, what was she thinking). When we ran out we searched and searched locally for it but couldn't find it until finally one day we were in a teeny tiny little grocery store and I saw it on the shelf just begging me to buy it. That store is now my favorite.