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the new eames stamps

So the little ones have returned to Tucson with their mommy and two brand new puppies in tow. I don't know if I'll ever get use to being so far away from my sister. It's crazy how much my niece and nephew are growing. Sadly, I didn't take nearly enough pictures. Allie got a new laptop from her Papa. I don't recall my dad being nearly that generous when I was young. It's pretty and pink and altogether fabulous....for a pc. Now she has no excuse but to check my blog:) They always blamed their super-slow computer for never paying me a virtual visit.

today's this + that:

loved this
and my third time seeing this.
thought that was pretty cool.
desperately want this
and that
and am so inspired by this

that's all for now...
peace out.

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Anonymous said...

Loved Dark Night but not as much as Mama Mia. I'm not so much a violence type of girl, give me the dance.
Loooooved Wicked. Saw it once in LA, once on Broadway. Awesome both times.
Thanks for the inspiring links. Any decision on the job?