earthquakes + owls

Well... spent the last few minutes of morning rocking + rolling while sipping a cup of tea and waiting for the blasted earthquake to end. Yeah...I'm a California girl so a bit of shaking doesn't phase me. Thankfully it wasn't very big and even though Akira is originally an east coast dog, she too weathered it well and is now napping at my feet.

Speaking of those hailing from the east I recently created an invitation for a birthday party. These days I rarely have the opportunity to design invitations so I welcomed the chance to have a little fun. The Mommy left it up to me just letting me know that she wanted something blue and it was a "woodland creatures" theme. Apparently they are a very outdoorsy brood and their little one loves all manner of foresty creatures. Fine with me...I'm not outdoorsy but I love anything foresty...squirrels nibbling acorns, timid deer, the wise old owl. This is the one she chose:

It was my favorite.

Originally this blog was meant to be a place to update clients and share my current projects, professional and otherwise. But it quickly morphed into a hodgepodge of anecdotes, crafty endeavors, philosophical musings and the occasional funny. I am going to try and share a bit more of my work. Hope you dig it.


Sara Martin said...

I love this invite, I might make something similar for Jack's first birthday, just in 5 weeks, I better get on that! So cute!

Al said...

Dude. Love it. Sooo cute!