what happened to wednesday + #31

I fully intended to post everyday this week but I missed a day. Yesterday to be exact. How exactly did that happen? Well, you may be interested to know that I diligently sought to make good on my little promise by planning my blog entries in advance. I know that perhaps there are those out there that do it, but not me. Every post you read is of the fly by the seat of my pants variety, therefore it is my own personal theory that the premeditation did me in. I think the fact that I wrote my post early left me with the feeling that I had actually posted it...which I hadn't. Plus...it felt weird. That right there explains what happened to Wednesday. So to avoid that sort of mix-up in the future I am returning to the spontaneous post.

also...here is this week's color mosaic:

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Anonymous said...

I post on the fly too. I just can't imagine planning out my posts beforehand. That is some serious blogging! I may do a late night post and put it up in the morning but that's only if I have already posted for the day. Why waste a perfectly good post. I'm right there with ya!

p.s. LOVE that owl invite. Adorable!