i'm a little over letterpress

I may take that back tomorrow after seeing something truly fab, but for the present, the sad truth is...I'm a bit over it and I don't think I'm the only one. Of course, I appreciate the tactile quality of a nice deep impression on thick cotton rag...but, I also appreciate even color, great design and an interesting surface. The printing is just a part of it for me. Now all you die hard letterpress enthusiasts out there don't get huffy...I am simply stating my opinion. I just feel like everything kinda looks the same and the stationery industry is a bit saturated with so many companies doing the same thing. Believe me, if I had a nice fat trust fund I would be out there buying it all up. But why can't I have something lovely without the hefty pricetag? You know what? I can...

There are plenty of amazing designers, illustrators and other artists out there using their trusty little printers and gocco machines to create works of art and I like them. I like them a lot. I like that you can use your gocco on so many different surfaces, I like that amazing illustrators and artists can share their work without having to rely upon a Vandercook. I expect that the exquisite texture of letterpress will always be coveted, but, for now, I'm just not buying it.

Some of my recent flat printed faves:

love the rich color on these

gocco birds

gocco on a moleskin journal

this was printed digitally.

mid century modern birds

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Anonymous said...

I am a little over it myself. Of course I may have a different state of mind if my pocketbook were looking better. I think, like anything in any industry, it is a trend. It will always be around but the popularity comes and goes. I have seen some flat graphics that impress me just as much for much less. For me that's a win/win situation right now,