So now that the 4th of July is over I am here packing for my morning flight to good ol' middle America. I didn't do much of anything yesterday...the 4th really isn't my thing. I don't like fireworks because they drive Akira batty, I'm not particularly fond of barbecue nor can I appreciate running about in a bathing suit since I don't really like the sun...or how I look running about in a bathing suit. I do on the other hand love America...just not all Americans. I do like the smell of barbecue...just not the taste or the big hunks of meat...unless it's my mother's carne asada...which I adore.

I called the lady that cuts my hair today, because I'm way overdue for a trim...and let's just say she was unavailable. A bit of backstory: Several months a ago I met Marcella at my local Supercuts. I refuse to spend a lot of money on a haircut. I've done that in the past and it never really made much difference. I was so happy to meet Marcella...she cut my mid-length super curly hair perfectly. I made her swear on a stack of past issues of Hair magazine that she would never leave me...the Supercuts set tend to be a transient bunch. I just couldn't bear to lose another one. Well, cut to today...I called to make an appointment and the joker on the other end said that not only was Marcella no longer employed there but she had up and left the country. The COUNTRY. I'm not sure I believe the whole "she left the country" bit, but alas, the search is on for the next trimmer of my hair...any takers?

So off to Milwahkay in the morning. I'm excited since I've never been there before. Hope you all are enjoying a splendid weekend and I'll catch you on the flip side.

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Anonymous said...

France, have a great trip. I have never been to Chicago. I want to go so bad, I'm green with envy.
Hopefully you can find a new hair dresser when you return. I know how frustrating that can be, UGH! Just enjoy and worry about it when you get home.