So I received an email the other day from a blog reader who wanted to know what was up with the new color combo every week. I've only been doing it for the last month or two (on the blog at least) so if you haven't noticed, it's off to the left there. I started doing it because it's been my practice for quite some time to try and introduce or reintroduce new color into my work every week or so. I tend to get very comfortable using the same 3 or 4 combinations over and over until I'm sick of them. A design instructor suggested I do this a long time ago before I was ever really a designer. He said that every week he went on a hunt for new color...so I've been doing the same ever since. One of my favorite spots to do this little color safari is flikr. I can sit for hours just pouring through photo after photo and when I'm done I choose my favorites and decide upon the combo. So here are my faves for this week. A striking mix of green and yellow. Two colors that are finding their way into my work. I really ought to do something crafty with them like Kristina does. I love that she gives her blog readers that color challenge. These days the only one I'm up for challenging is myself, so perhaps before the week is out I may try and make a card or two using the lovely Missus Green and Yellow.

BTW: don't know why photo #10 of the collage has decided to be a no show but if you click on the link you can see it.

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