where in the world did June go?

Ok, I know I've been busy and a little preoccupied of late, but I wasn't so busy that I missed a month...was I? I love autumn, but it's approaching with the speed of a freight train in an action movie. Speaking of action movies...The honeybee and I went to see Wanted Saturday night. Splendid as far as action movies go...definitely requires a suspension of belief. Angelina was a bit on the gaunt side, but I suppose I would be to if I lived in a factory and killed people for a living. I think gaunt would become my look. As for Mr. McAvoy...uhm yeah...good...real good. This movie is not for everyone...plenty of f-bombs, which I personally like, and a great deal of gratuitous violence which is another plus. You may be surprised to learn this about me but I'm just keepin it real. I'm sorry but I sort of crave violence in an action film.

In related news...I was in a accident of sorts Sunday evening. I guess it isn't entirely accurate to say "I" when "I" wasn't actually present at the time of said collision. Yes, my friends...the Edge was involved in a smack down of sorts while she was minding her own business...legally parked in front of my mom's house. A youngish driver lost control of her brand new SUV and well you get the picture. Oh well...she has insurance and I made it home in tact. Not a bad ending to a kind of bad beginning.

Let's see, what else...I'm off to Milwaukee this weekend with Keith who keeps pronouncing it "Mil-wah-kay"." He's off to an interview and they're flying me out also. That's not typical...but they want to take me on a tour of the agency and drive us around the city. Fine by me. I've never been there, but I know they have a train to Chicago. As soon as we get back Keith leaves again...but I'm not going on that trip.

Anyway, that's it for now.

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