french country redux

So I received an email from a former client who is in the process of moving. She was wondering if I might be interested in taking a few treasures off her hands. She then asked...what is your style?





That's a loaded question.

Geez...it changes everyday. But not really. Not since birth, or close to it. I started to think. I'm always talking about style. I use the word aesthetic quite often. It is my job to gauge and capture the style of others so I guess it is no wonder that I rarely consider my own. I just naturally use certain colors, certain shapes. I tend to repeat the same typeface combinations. When pressed about a particular design decision it is my practice to respond...that's my style. In fact, I sell my style and people actually buy it.

If I had to be specific I would say I adore things with a story....old, but not junk old. Some might say vintage. But I also like new. Wonderfully innovative, sparse and modern. Old and new. Is that even a style? I like clean lines and warm touches. I like fresh flowers and elegant yet simple fabric. I like opposites. I love color and no color. I call it French Country Redux. A bit Romantic a bit Scandinavian country a touch Shaker and a bit Bauhaus. No gilding no fringe and no faux finish. Some might say that what I am describing is more akin to neoclassical, but, I don't think so. Less Greek and Roman antiquity.

care for some examples...


So I've shown you mine...now you show me yours. Blog it and I'll be sure to visit.


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