taking off

I have not really been in a blogging mood this week as if you haven't noticed. No color combo this week. No typography spotlight. No Good Things. This week has been one of work and tying up loose ends. I am not happy to see summer depart. Some of my favorite memories happened during summer. Neighborhood hide and seek, staying out really late, swimming in the pool until midnight, my parents taking us to the beach at dusk and playing on the swings with the ocean crashing behind us. I love LA, I love the weather. I love the ocean and the mountains and the desert all converging. This is my home. A city where everyday feels like summertime and anything can happen.

As much as I love home...I often need a new perspective and that requires getting away just long enough to appreciate all the little things that annoy me. So I am taking off in the morning. no dog, no hubby, just me and my mom. I will be heading east as the sun rises. I will be gone for about ten days but I'll be blogging from the road.

I wish you all a happy holiday.

see you on the flip side



Dariela said...

Have a good trip France!

Anonymous said...

How funny France. At first I thought you were describing this summer. I thought, "Wow, how cool her neighbors play hide-n-seek." I caught on after a few more lines. Ooops! The end of summer is always bittersweet for me. I look forward to back to school but miss the carefree days of the summer season. I do look forward to fall though. Enjoy your trip, see you in the Fall!

sara said...
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