type::02 + something nice

I have been using a lot of decorative fonts lately. I love type that has a bit of personality. One that evokes a visual image. I came across Dekoria a while back on Fountain and absolutely fell in love with it. I also love the story behind it. Stefen Claudius, the designer, was traveling through Poland and he snapped a photo of a handpainted sign in an old shop named Dekoria. When he returned home he was inspired to create a typeface that conveyed the same charm as the sign he came across. Being married to a proud Polish man I fancied this story as well as the fanciful feeling of the font itself. I think I may use it to create a few silk screened t-shirts that are currently under construction.

Speaking of my amazing husband, he arrived home from work with this in hand yesterday...

Sometimes no reason is the perfect reason. I'm feeling rather lucky today.


Brandy C. Williams Paperie Blog said...

awww.....that what i'm talkin about! so sweet!

Dariela said...

That's so nice!! You should feel very lucky. I love no reason gifts!!