on a weekend of fecundity...

...the creative sort to be clear. Keith and I have been hard at work trying to discover our next domestic situation from afar. It is a trying endeavor to be sure.

The issues are as follows:

#1 Many of the homes in the area near the agency look like this....

for the record...this is NOT in our price range

#2 The younger professional crowd live a bit further south in hip happening urban communities such as this...

which is also beyond my budget (understatement)

#3 I don't trust craigslist because what they describe often ends up looking like this:

which is in my price range...way in

So what's a gal...and guy to do. We've already run the gamut of excitement...until we discovered apartmentratings.com which resulted in a brief state of melancholy ...then a return to excitement tempered by caution and low expectation. Frustration has led me to threaten violence. Keith has suggested I relax several times. Incidentally, I despise being told to relax. I hope that my active nature and his passive one serves us well during this shitf!ck of a process. Yup, I said it...and I'm actually restraining myself.

We have a list and several appointments but feel as though we can't really do much until we get out there. Thankfully the agency will be flying us out on Wednesday of next week. Then we have exactly two days to find a place to live.





Sara said...

you are moving to the south!!! so exciting. i know it is a big transition for you, I've heard such great things about Atlanta--and can you believe you could actually own a home? Even the possibility is thrilling.

Al said...

LOL! I HATE being told to relax too! LOL! I feel for you! But I see that all that is in the past and you found a place! Congratulations!!! I only hear wonderful things about Atlanta!
Good luck on your move! :-)

Al said...

Also I forgot to say, that is such an awesome download you left for us! Thank you so much!!!