Yes. it is now "for sure" and officially official. I am outta here folks. By out...i mean relocating and by here... I mean California.

Keith and I have spent the last 10 months interviewing, and contemplating, waiting and sometimes refusing, hoping and dreaming and then we stopped. We got tired of it and decided to just do our own thing. Well last week he got a call...then he flew out for an interview and less than 24 hours later...they made an offer. The one we were waiting for, the agency we were waiting for...but not exactly the city we were waiting for...

at first.

But after some investigation...we are excited and happy to announce that this will be our new home:

A few more deets:

we are going to be moving into the Buckhead area of Atlanta and it will all happen very quickly. I have spent an inordinate amount of time on Craigslist...but you know how that can be. The company is offering to fly us out for a weekend to do some home hunting...but with the holiday...not too sure how to fit it all in.

Of course, I am writing lists galore and feeling a bit overwhelmed since the initial giddiness has subsided. There's so much to do in very little time and Keith will probably have to depart earlier than I...which leaves me to do the packing.

Like a dude...he's all "let the movers pack it." But I won't hear of it. Moving, in my opinion, is an excellent time to purge and there's no way I'm hauling all my crap clear across the country. Much of it I am passing on to dear unsuspecting members of my family. The rest will either be donated or discarded in a more ruthless fashion.

BTW...if I haven't told you the good news and you're wondering why you had to find out about this in a blog post....

it's either because you didn't answer your phone, failed to return my call or text, have yet to hear your messages or haven't checked your email. So don't get huffy. I tried.

As for everyone else...this blog may be absconded by a lady who can only write of moving and packing and having fits and tantrums until the move is complete. I will try to throw bits of craftiness into the wild. I hope you will join me on this little journey, for it will be far easier with your support.

Incidentally, I was going to start a whole new blog to chronicle my exit but I thought that might be a bit lame. First...not enough people read this blog to take the high and mighty approach of "now they will read my other blog." Second...who has the time to juggle two...i can barely handle one...but I will be happy one day that I spent a bit of time documenting our journey. So NO, I will not create a blog 2 with a cheesy title that is a stupid play on the word peach...I won't do that.

Last thing...If you're wondering...yeah, I'm sad, but trying not to dwell on leaving my mommy and daddy. My mother faked happiness really well...my father isn't as good an actor. My chest gets tight whenever I think of it. I have lived within ten miles of my birth my entire life. For those of you who are out there missing your families...how do you do it? I will need your help and of course once I get everything pretty...you may all converge on Atlanta and bring your sleeping bag:)



Dariela said...

FRANCE!!!! This is so exciting! I'm very happy for you! It's so hopeful also to know that even though we're going thru these times they're stiull jobs and new beginnings for people out there, I love this.

Changes are so great and they bring many many things!

Let me tell you that the part about being away from your family isn't that hard. When I left my family in Venezuela I was sad but at the same time you are the one leaving and seeing new things and getting so much in everyday that you barely have time to miss them, the ones that stay are the ones that miss you most I think.

Anyways, you keep blogging, we love to read you and hear your thoughts over here. Good luck and if you need any help let us know!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just going to ask you what was up with the moving situation. I am so excited for you! And a bit jealous, as we are trying to get out of the rat race that is Southern CA too.

I am sure you will love Georgia, it is a beautiful state. I love the South, the people are so friendly and down to earth. I'm sure you won't have any trouble fitting right in.
I know you will miss the family but that is what internet and cell phones are for. My parents have both passed away so be thankful that your mom and dad are still just a phone call away. Can you say SKYPE?
You will be fine. Look at this as a wonderful adventure and enjoy every minute. I can't wait to follow your whole experience on the blog. Keep us posted!

bananafish said...

thanks ladies...I feel better already.