the skinny

so...what's the happs in my neck of the woods. Work man. All work. a bit of play...but mostly work. I always try to turn it down a notch around this time of year. I want to revel a bit more in the craftiness of the season, but the desire never really manifests. I've got a few new clients and some pressing deadlines and my head feels as though it's being squeezed between some very large hands...but I'm plugging along. Happy to be doing what I love.

Hmmm...what else? While wasting a wee bit of time yesterday I caught a tutorial featuring this little yummy. I'm trying to decide if I need a portable die cutting system. I have one...well two. I currently own a Cuttlebug (yes the name bothers me as well) and a Quickcutz...the hand held one, not the jumbo. But the Slice just looks better. What would I use it for? Oh, you know...cutting stuff into shapes....yeah...cutting stuff. I KNOW. I HAVE NO BUSINESS BUYING ANOTHER PRETTY GADGET. The caps look so rough don't you think? I won't buy it.

but I want to.

Other non-crafty news...this...is...a...sacrilege. I'm not fond of this idea. NOT AT ALL. Who does that little mite think he is + isn't he a bit young? I'm just sayin. Why does Hollywood keeps messing things up...are they in need of good scripts? I know a bunch of scarf wearing dudes hanging out at the Starbucks busily writing far fetched screenplays as I type. Go hit Diablo Cody up...I'm sure she's got some shiz with strangely articulate teens in the oven.

Finally...I'm not gonna post the video here, but if you can spare six minutes...six teeny tiny minutes. Check this out. I know you wish I would, but I won't let it go. NO WAY, NO HOW.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

I know all about the temptation of buying things you really don't need. This is why I won't even venture into the world of stamps and die cutting machines. I am already bad enough with pp, embellies and cardstock!
I will watch the demo video though, b/c I actually don't know have the first clue of how those die cutting machines work!

Anonymous said...

Step away from the Slice!
Step away from the Slice!

I don't have even one cutting machine and I am here to say it's not a big deal. This coming from a woman who thought she NEEDED every new gadget.
You can do without.

As for the video. GO KEITH! He makes some great points and says it well!

bananafish said...

thanks you guys....i needed an intervention:)