so we found out today that we don't really have to do any packing. We can if we like but we don't have to. WE DON'T HAVE TO. Yippee...three cheers for the movers. I think I may still work on the studio since all that stuff is really precious cargo, but as for everything else...they can do it.

Now that the issue of packing is off my mind Keith and I have been really trying to figure out the whole furniture situation. Our aesthetic has evolved a bit and we don't want to continue to invest in pieces that won't work. It's a trying thing, but we'll figure it out.

photo courtesy of little willow

I am also thinking about Christmas. I will probably be celebrating in Atlanta, but don't want to be surrounded by boxes. I saw this adorable Christmas tree idea and it looks easy. I'm not trying to go nuts, but I do want to be a little festive. Let me know if you have any quick and easy holiday ideas.


Anonymous said...

Love the tree, hate the moving. If that is one thing I wish I had a fairy godmother for. Moving!
The last time I moved I was 9 months pregnant. Probably why I've not moved since!

Good luck. I am sure it will all go smoothly and in the end you WILL get everything moved.

Sara said...

i like this pic. I also saw a similar one but with a large urn instead of a basket, so you could go either way.