blessings in disguise

my mom says that disappointments are often blessings in disguise. I grew up hearing her say that and have come to believe that it is true. She is a lady that subscribes to the idea that attitude is everything and we all have the ability to choose happiness. I think this idea is particularly true during the holidays.

My house is still full of boxes...I'm going slow yet I feel so much better that I am thoughtfully unpacking and realizing just how lucky I have been. Taking my time has afforded me the chance to really think about where I want things to go and avoid purchasing unnecessary things.

I have been without wireless until today...but that's okay since it has kept me from spending too much time online. I managed to finish crocheting a scarf for my mom and have begun work on my first hat. I love the internet...but I needed the break.

We gave our Christmas tree to one of the movers since we didn't really have a place to store it in our new home...but thankfully...when we met up with our mover in Atlanta he told us how excited his daughter was to receive the tree. Keith and I also discovered a place where we could buy live miniature trees. It's our first live tree in a long while.

It seems that for all the times we've been lost in our neighborhood we've made a new discovery, for all the things we didn't buy because they were out of our price range we have received as gifts, and for all the people that we left behind we have been met with kindness from our new neighbors and coworkers.

I admit, this holiday I miss my mom, my friends, the feeling of a clean home and the smells and sounds of a familiar neighborhood, but I am eternally thankful for Keith's new opportunities, my adorable new office, the health and happiness of our pup and the sweet emails from dear friends who remind me that I am loved and that blessing abound.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

What a great place to be (emotionally and spiritually, that is). Life is so much nicer when you just let go, eh?
And no worries about you know what! When ever you can... don't stress yourself.

bananafish said...

thanks a bunch...i was stressing a bit...but you just made that burden tumble right off...see what I mean...blessings abound:)

Anonymous said...

Here's to a new year and new experiences. Enjoy!