coming up for air...

so here's the rundown of recent events:

discovered my local Target

unpacked the wine and drinking copious amounts of Malbec

Also discovered my local Kroger

Whole foods is next

I know some of you are awaiting shipments....what can I say...I'm only human

The kitchen is unpacked....everything else is not

I adore Ikea

Akira peed in the guest room

Roasters across the road is magic...pure magic

I need a pedicure...Jaimi...are you reading this?

I caved and bought a pair of Uggs...actually, they're knockoffs, so let's call them fuggs

I still need to do some address changes

Direct TV is better than Comcast

My wireless is not set up yet


did the caps convey my frustration?

I am only documenting my December daily through photos

Words and craftiness will come later

that's kinda it for now...oh...I'm doing Facebook

don't judge


Anonymous said...

The place looks adorable! How exciting to discover all the new places. Uggs are a must in cold weather that's for sure!
Keep us posted and find me on FB!

Elizabeth said...

Hang in there toots. It'll get better soon, I promise! :) You got the hard part out of the way- moving all your stuff across country. When Ryan and I moved to L.A. sometimes I would walk out into the jumbled sea of stuff in the living room and think that it would never look like anything other than a storage space! I'll be thinking about you guys and sending you some good unpacking vibes...

We miss you out here in Paperland!

bananafish said...

thanks Elizabeth...I keep playing Christina Aguilera's new song on my Ipod "keeps gettin better" and trying to actually believe that it will.

And yes...I do on occasion, indulge in a little Xtina

Sara said...

glad you are in. glad you are doing facebook--i change my earlier opinion of it, i think i once told you that it was over rated, i have since gotten into it and like it! see you on facebook too

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

so glad to get an update. I was wondering what had happened to you!

bananafish said...

yes...I'm alive...and promise to post more:)

BTW Lonely...I know I owe you some stuff...they're coming...promise....please be patient with me, I'm not very organized right now, but getting there:)