crafty crochet

I'm not very good at crochet, but I do try. My first foray into the world of hooks...not to be confused with the world of hookers...was when my mom taught me to chain and do a basic single crochet at the age of seven...maybe eight. I was probably into it for about 3 days when I promptly moved on to cutting pictures of puppies out of magazines. Like those good old days of yore, I still flutter between hobbies like a crafty hummingbird. Perhaps that's why the studio remains unpacked. There's a lot of boxes in there.

A LOT. I will take a before photo just to prove I'm not exaggerating.

I love crafts...all kinds, and it's been difficult celebrating the season without any paper and glue...so what does a girl do. She plays with the one thing that isn't packed up. Her yarn and crochet hooks.

Honestly, at the beginning of this month I didn't know how to crochet a hat or arm warmers...and now I do. How? This lady. She is incredibly generous with her skill and I have benefited greatly from her youtube videos. The arm warmers are a trial effort completed without pattern. I just saw some and decided to try and recreate them. Keith doesn't like them but gives me an A for effort. As for the hat...he's appropriately impressed.

Here's to more crochet in the new year. and possibly an unpacked studio.

edited to add: I got my inspiration for the arm warmers here

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