on the loss of mojo...

I had intended to write a lengthy blog post commemorating the start of a new year. Something insightful and witty. But...somewhere between napfest 2009 and the Aquarium...I lost it.

My mojo that is.

I know. It's only the second day of the year and and I've already lost something. But here is a bit of what I remember:

my word of 2009 is: simplicity
Not surprising...but important. I am the maker of mountains out of molehills and this year I just want to relax and be happy with what I am and what I have. Novel idea huh?

I also will embark on what I've decided to call "30 crafty minutes" inspired by Rachael Ray and her thirty minute meals. Just simple inexpensive ingredients for creating a wide range of crafty paper projects. This will be a weekly thing and may grow to include more than just paper.

A different approach to photography. I didn't do so well with project 365 because honestly while I enjoy the mundane, I don't always care to photograph it. So I think I will approach it from a weekly perspective and be a bit more discerning in regard to the things in my life I deem worth documenting. This might be worth looking into.

And that's really it. No resolutions...just another year of trying to eat better, live better, love better and swear less.


The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

What happened to your project 365? I am planning to try it for this year. My biggest challenge will be choosing just one photo. With a little one there are so many cute photos, even of every day things.
I like the 30 crafty minutes idea too. Whenever something is framed in "just 30 minutes"--a workout, a meal--it seems so much more doable, eh?

adelle louise said...

I have an idea for your photo project. Maybe at the start of each week you could write down a word, like, say, "Orange" or "bird" and then you have your camera with you and be looking for things during the week that remind you of those words. Then take pictures when you see them or feel inspired by them. Sometimes I work better when I have something specific to look for. Then you start to see it everywhere or nowhere and then that is interesting too!

bananafish said...

adelle, that is such a good idea...I like the idea of using color...hhhmmm I think I'll start monday. Now I just have to think of a word or color. I think it will be "branches." I'm seeing them everywhere out here and they are just so beautiful, sparse and very Nightmare before Christmasish.

As for what happened to project 365?

Life happened. I'll still take pictures of my everyday life...i just won't be so regimented about it. make it more of a weekly collection as opposed to a daily task.

we'll see how it all shakes out.

adelle louise said...

ooh, I really love the idea of branches, such a beautiful word too. It evokes many images in my head. I'll look forward to seeing those pictures!