now this might work...

you all know how much I want to embark on some crafty little journey this year...well, every year really, and you also know that every year I end up getting stuck. If you didn't know that...it's true. I wrote about the ill- fated project 365 in the previous post and while I think photos everyday are wonderful...it's hard enough for me to shower everyday let alone take a picture. (for the record, I do shower everyday...I just don't always want to) So...I was pretty interested when I stumbled upon this:

courtesy of this very lovely, very tall person.( I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Beverly Hills Paper Source and she is gloriously tall) In addition to being a big part of the scrapbooking community, Emily has come up with 52Q. A question a week with photo sans photo in a format of your choosing. She is doing hers on shipping tags...how easy is that. How fun would it it be to do this and if I'm not mistaken...it can be completed in thirty minutes. C'mon do it. Join the flickr group and let's get a little introspective up in here.

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