all fabric all the time

that is the title of the new pretend network I really wish existed. I have been receiving all my fabric shipments the last couple of days. First I got these I ordered from fat quarters:

then I received this collection from the etsy shop fabricworm. You may notice that it includes the fabric I wanted for my curtains. This store allowed me to buy less yardage so I was able to get all three for another project I'm cooking up. I am glad I chose the Heather Bailey for my curtains because these really are way too heavy.

I also received the Heather Bailey although I don't have a pic. Let me just say it's way more vibrant and beautiful in person and the print is actually much larger. I was a little worried that those little zig zags would drive me nuts.

So, even though I haven't chosen a cute throw rug or sewn up the curtains, I am posting the studio pics on Thursday. I just can't wait and who knows when I 'll get around to doing those other things.

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Dariela said...

Can't wait to see it France!!!! We already moved our studio to storage in the garage. It is nice to be out of the old place and start this new stage. How exciting to decorate your place!!!