it's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

in addition to the demise of my beloved Domino, I am also bidding a fond farewell to the three columned blog template. How sad that it was Perez Hilton of all people to break the tragic Domino news yesterday about noonish. Go figure, I just subscribed to the mag I've been buying off the newstand for so long, only to find out that its time in the sun is over. I know I must end my lament, but I just can't stand Conde Nast...why don't they get rid of Vogue...there's more than enough fashion fodder on-line. Okay. breathe. I do love Vogue and how it satisfies my sartorial inclinations...but, oh well ces't la vie.

As you can see...I have also axed the old template in favor of something say...a bit more low maintenance. I'm just over the sheer volume of stuff blinking and clogging up my precious white space. I needed to strip back down to the essentials and do a little blog clean-up. I know you don't recognize it, but this started off as the Scribe template and after a flurry of activity is now this. Not too bad, eh? I'm happy with it. I can see a few imperfections that I have just decided to let go. One of the things I hate about uploading a new template is that I lose all my widgets. It's a bit of a pain having to add them all back in...and I always make the mistake of not writing them down somewhere. So this is by memory...if I forgot to put a link to your blog it's not a slight but rather a lapse in memory. I also added a few links. I had no choice but to get rid of blogs that are never updated...that makes me grumpy...

incidentally...speaking of blogs that are not regularly updated...I will try and practice what I preach.


rachel said...

i just looked on your website for the first time. i love your work. it is 100% my style. clean, simple, and fresh. i love it and will definitely be adding your site to my blog!!

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Did you hear that Simple Scrapbooks is also ending/closing?
I never read Domino but I know a lot of scrapbookers like it, especially those with something of a design sensibility.
Your Chevron fabric was featured in the February CK, by the way!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look. I was thinking of going back to the old template too. Funny how once everyone switches it becomes boring to me. Just too lazy to do it right now.
As far as Domino. I am crushed. So far my wallet is liking it but I am in deep depression. First Blueprint, then Cottage Living, then Home, then Home Companion, now my fave Domino! What is the f-ing world coming to???
You can take those useless vanity magazines, give me back my inspiration! Waaaaa!!!!!