what a girl wants

what i wanted:

what i got:

I'm in the final stages of studio completion and I left the fabric for the curtains until last. I wanted something that would work as a strong focal point. I also wanted it to be bright and colorful since much of the room is shades of white and cream. The first photo is a part of the Amusement Park Collection by Jessica Jones. I loved the fact that it was simple, colorful and graphic...I also loved the fact that it felt retro and modern all at once. The cons: it was over 13 bucks a yard and canvas. Not only heavier than I wanted, but significantly more expensive. I wanted it...but not that much.

The second photo is of a lovely fabric I almost didn't find. I was getting tired of searching and I was about to pull the plug when I stumbled upon this chevron stripe by Heather Bailey.
There were only seven yards available and I snatched up six. Pros: On sale. Cons...none. I am actually involved in a bit of a love affair with chevron stripes right now and the color palette, while softer, works better.

So that's it. I'm almost done. I don't plan to show pics until the room is complete. I'm close folks...real close. Craftiness coming next week.

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Anonymous said...

Oooo can't wait to see it when finished!