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sadly, this blog has been a bit neglected of late. Forgive the few and far between posts but I am still trying to get things together in my new home. Here's a rundown on the latest and greatest haps in the relatively uninteresting but quite contented life of moi

still unpacking and arranging the studio...almost done

doing a little cleaning (as in toilets) ugh

a bit of work thrown in for good measure

found another box belonging to another room...therefore more moving about to make space for said box

thinking about the type of art I want to hang on the walls...self made or self bought

still need to purchase a dresser, a desk for the side room (the small area off the living room), a nice big comfy chair for the sun room, and a tv for the bedroom.

all of those things are wants not needs...except for the dresser...I really feel as though I need that

finished three books since I've been in Atlanta...two were rereads, the other was a lovely historical romance and the current is Airframe by Crichton...picked it up at a goodwill in Cali

feeling the itch to get crafty already...Valentine's day is right around the corner

Wanting to dispose of all my unwanted supplies but have no desire to pack and ship...

still have to ship quite a few things...including part 2 of my mom's christmas gift and my father-in-law's gift that he already opened but didn't take.

I miss having UPS so close by...perhaps I'll request one grand pickup and be done with it all

that's it from my neck of the woods

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